Polly Young Eisendrath, Ph.D.

Pay Attention Interviews with Polly Young-Eisendrath, Ph.D.

Pay Attention interviews are long-form conversations with experts on consciousness, journalism, spirituality, art, critical commentary, science, health, government and finances. Seeking out experts whose work has impressed her, Polly uses these conversations to ask critical questions about contemporary topics so that we can discern a path from delusion to wisdom.

Pay Attention is Polly’s next step as an “independent truth seeker,” engaging the larger question of “What is true for our species and the world, right now?”

Interviews That Dive Deep and Expand Your Thinking

Donald Hoffman Pay Attention Interviews

Cognitive Scientist & Author

Donald Hoffman

Donald Hoffman, Ph.D. is a cognitive psychologist and popular science author and professor. Don and Polly dig into the nature of his theory of Conscious Realism, which hypothesizes what lies beyond spacetime, and how it aligns with some ancient Buddhist teachings and contemporary spiritual insights. Their encounter reveals new possibilities for a scientific spirituality that could be evaluated by scientific tools and testing.

Alan Wallace Pay Attention Interviews

Tibetan Buddhist & Author

Alan Wallace

Alan Wallace, Ph.D. has edited, translated, and authored or contributed to more than 40 books on Tibetan Buddhism and its relation to modern science. This exciting conversation between Polly and Alan explores many things, among them, the meaningful relationship between Buddhism and science, examining the nature of consciousness and delves into perspectives on death and rebirth.

William Waldron Pay Attention Interviews

Professor of Religion & Author

William Waldron

William (Bill) Waldron, Ph.D. is Professor of Religion and teaches courses on the South Asian religious traditions of Buddhism and Hinduism, Tibetan religion and history, comparative psychologies and philosophies of mind, and theory and method in the study of religion. Listen in on Polly and Bill’s mind-expanding talk on becoming Buddhist, Yogacara, death, and waking up to truth.

Shinzen Young Pay Attention Interviews

Buddhist Master & Author

Shinzen Young

Shinzen Young is an American mindfulness teacher and neuroscience research consultant. In this energetic conversation, Polly and he explore the origin and evolution of “the M words” (mindfulness and meditation), discuss his involvement with the SEMA (Sonication Enhanced Mindfulness Acquisition) Lab goals to measure the effects of mindfulness, and reveal Shinzen’s life hacks for happiness.

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The Science of Consciousness

Conversations about Cognitive Science, Meditation and Research on Reincarnation

"Human mind does not emerge from the brain.... it emerges from a primal flow of consciousness. That’s not my religious belief, it is something that’s been discovered countless times and the methods are very transparent and sensible."

- Alan Wallace, The Truth About Consciousness

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The Science of Consciousness

Conversations about Cognitive Science, Meditation and Research on Reincarnation

Introduction to Cognitive Science as a New Lens on Early Buddhism: An Interview with William Waldron